School's over

School's finally over, allowing me to concentrate on programming. I have a full-time job at SchoolSoft starting tomorrow (Jun 25). I have mixed feelings about that — obviously having a job is great, and a programming job is just awesome…but I have to write ActionScript and learn on the job. I hope I'll be useful to the company and not just waste everyone's time.

But anyway, I also have some projects that I'd like to do over the summer in my spare time:
  • Set up our old computer downstairs as a dedicated server and not mess with it. Unfortunately, I probably won't be allowed to run Linux on it, so it'll have to be a Windows Vista server (ugh). And about not messing with it: just set it up and code. Don't try to optimize and tweak things — that was how I brought my other server down.
  • Make an XML-based document format that I can use for all my documents: school assignments, notes, etc. Also make a way to transform that XML into lots of presentation formats: XHTML, LaTeX, plain text, maybe even Word 2007.


Mary said...

Wow :o
Ankur has a blog (heh...blame milda for me finding it)

How is your job? Was it hard to get as a high schooler? and what do you do? (because mary wants a job...well...mary wants money...)

Aleksey said...

O hai, I know flash. I might not be able to code to save my life, but Flash should be an interesting workspace for you. Movie clips are no fun for animation, but for clicky-things they can substitute buttons, which I suppose you're going to be working with.

Ankur Dave said...

Whoa, people actually read stuff I blog!

@god: Well, haven't started it yet (I start at 10:00 today) but it seems like fun. No, it wasn't hard as a high schooler, because I ROCK! jk. But really, I just came in for an interview and they were all impressed and stuff and said I was better than the college grads they interviewed. :-) yay. I'll be making tools that interact with the user (who happens to be a kindergartener) and reports back to the server stats and progress and stuff.

@zecro: Well, it's not really Flash (thank god!) but Flex. So ActionScript, but not the horrible "Movie" thing and "Timeline" (which I know you and mary like :-) ). It's supposed to be more developer-focused than artist-focused.

Shaun Michael said...

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