Shared hosting with GoDaddy is annoying

We bought hosting for Saints Robotics with GoDaddy (it's a "Linux Deluxe" plan). I'm trying to set up a MySQL database for MediaWiki. Our site is hosted on a shared server with lots of other users. All these users share the same Apache, the same MySQL, etc. So when I'm trying to created a new database, I can't name it anything I want—instead, I have to try to find a unique name, since someone else has taken the database name I wanted already. Also, they don't give SSH access because the server is shared. Why don't they just use virtualization? Not having shell access to my server is very annoying. (Although I could just install a PHP terminal...but SSH is so much nicer.)

Also, whenever I make a change to the server configuration, for example adding an FTP user, a MySQL database, or changing the PHP version settings, it can take up to 24 hours to apply! That's ridiculous! I can't wait a day each time I make a change!


Daylight saving time...

I looked at the clock about half an hour ago and it said "Sun Nov 4, 1:37:16 AM".

I just looked at it again and now it says "Sun Nov 4, 1:07:37 AM".

At first I thought I must have read it wrong the first time, or I was so sleepy I was hallucinating (even though I'm not actually sleepy). And then I remembered Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM on November 4 this year.