Fourth day

Things are looking good! I got a large project done way ahead of time (can't give any screenshots because I signed an NDA). I'm getting a feel for their coding style and stuff too.

There are lots of meetings on Mondays apparently, but almost none the rest of the week. Also, I'm legally required to take a 15-minute break every two hours since I'm a teen worker, so Nigel (my manager) keeps (half-jokingly) bugging me to take a break.

I've asked around and if I want to, I can switch to doing server-side programming in Ruby anytime I want to. I might do that after a month, so that I'll have spent half my time with the Flash frontend and half with the Ruby backend.

So yeah, it's pretty fun now, and I get paid to program!


Syon Bhanot said...

Hey - I like the blog! It is very nice. You seem to be doing some pretty complex programming!!

Mildawg said...

Glad you're having fun [=.
"half bugging you to take a break." Ha, I can imagine! Ankur deep in programming, refusing to leave the computer screeeeen xD.