More LaTeX document classes: resume and cover-letter

I was making a resume and cover letter to apply to some internships recently, and I was trying to use res.cls and letter.cls to make them. But whenever I wanted to tweak something, the complexity and TeX-ness (as opposed to LaTeX-ness) of these standard document classes made things more difficult than I liked.

So, since what I wanted was fairly simple, I decided to reinvent the wheel with the resume and cover-letter classes. Here's the source, screenshot and usage for each.



\name{Ankur Dave}
\addressone{1234 Abc Road}
\addresstwo{San Jose, CA 95101}




\employer{Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University}
\location{Cambridge, MA}
\jobtitle{Summer Intern}
\dates{July---August 2009}
Position description.


\schoolname{Interlake High School}
\dates{September 2006---June 2010}




Your address and contact info

Recipient's address




Cover letter body