New Facebook account

So after a few friends recommended Facebook, I thought I'd give it a try. And now, 15 minutes after I've signed up, my Gmail inbox is filled with "Foo Bar wrote on your wall" and I'm overwhelmed by Facebook's information-rich world.

People who otherwise have no online presence are completely free on Facebook. Every action they have made on the site is public to all their friends. It's the sort of openness that I like, but taken to an extreme in one sense (all information is exposed to your friends) while very closed in another (nothing is shown to outsiders). This is exactly the kind of closed group–forming that I don't like...but now that I'm part of the closed group, will it matter so much to me?

It's also, unfortunately, even more distracting and time-consuming than IM. I find myself enjoying the slow, convenient nature of blogging. And now I will go to sleep.

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Mary said...

Facebook is horribly terribly (not as bad as myspace, but not far off)

Yeah :)

The only part that bugs me is the whole, using your full anem part.... idk... I'd rather not

Plus a while ago, I read an article by some guy who couldn't get his account deleted (like they'd 'freeze' it or take it off somehow, but still kept the info) so I'd rather not get involved....