Harry Potter 7

We got the book at about 12:30AM today, and I just finished it at 8:30AM. No spoilers for you, but I'll say it was definitely very good — excellent descriptions (Rowling's style deviates from the rest of the books, becoming more mature) and a great ending.

We also watched the movie (#5) starting at 9:00PM yesterday, and although others have criticized it, I was glad that it didn't try and fail to be like the book; rather, it deviated completely, allowing it to be enjoyable in its own right rather than always under the shadow of the book.

I'm not sleepy or tired at all after having not slept, but it's slightly hard to type because I keep making mistakes like typing "becoming" as "becomeing."

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Mildawg said...

I got the book at about 12:15 on Friday, but alas, our wonderful TACs took them away so that we could get sleep before the Saturday ahead. I finished At 2:22 in the morning today.